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Our Minneapolis IT Service Team Will Keep Your Business Up and Running

Does your company have the technology but lack the I.T. staff? Call in the Technical Reinforcements. As your business I.T. services team, we’re there for you when “I.T. happens,” but we’ll also do the preventative maintenance needed to keep your business up and running. 

Unlike many IT service companies, we shoot for a “next day, 2 business day” schedule target. If you’re having a technical issue, we don’t think you should have to wait a week to get your computer fixed. And if you’re a business? Waiting that long isn’t even an option. For emergency problems such as critical infrastructure being down, we’re even available for same-day priority service. 

Being a 20-year-old company that has always been locally owned and operated, this isn’t just a job to us, but our passion. It’s what we do day in and day out.

Nothing beats the feeling of coming to the rescue and being the hero of the day.


From IT Planning to Deployment, We’re Here to Help

With an average of 15 years of tech experience across our entire staff, if one person doesn’t know something, it’s likely another member of the TRI team will. 

We don’t take on jobs that are not in our wheelhouse. Many companies will take on jobs they have no idea how to do and use them as the “training ground” to get experience, often at the expense of the client. At Technical Reinforcements, we stick to what we do best in order to deliver consistent results that our clients love. 

Below are some of the ways we can help you handle your I.T. so you can focus on your business.

Server Maintenance and NAS Support

Your server or NAS is a critical piece of your business’s I.T. infrastructure. Here’s how we can help maintain and improve your server’s performance:

    • Adding new users
    • New software requirements for the business
    • Upgrades to existing software that need to be applied to the server
    • Critical windows updates (these should not be automatic on servers)
    • Backups – regularly scheduled “test restores” to ensure everything is working as expected and that recovery is possible in the event of a problem

In general, server environments do their jobs after having gone through the process of deploying and configuring. It’s when things don’t operate as expected that we tend to get called in. By providing an opportunity for regularly scheduled contact with servers, we ensure everything stays current.

Often we can stop issues before they become critical. For example:

    • If backups are failing but not reporting as such, we’ll discover this in our test restores.
    • When disk space utilization is filling up faster than expected, we can allow the opportunity to increase size in a controlled fashion rather than having to scramble to make an infrastructure change when you’ve entirely run out of space.

Server Upgrades & Migrations

Doing a server upgrade or migration without a plan is like adding an addition to your house without a blueprint. You often find yourself having to redo tasks multiple times as you progress through the project. When you create a proper step-by-step plan, you’ll be able to get the project done right the first time. 

For example, knowing the answers to the following questions and planning accordingly will often help limit downtime, disruption to the users, data being exposed to people who shouldn’t have it, and many other undesirable outcomes to a migration:

    • Which applications might have compatibility issues?
    • What data needs to transfer and to where?
    • Who’s going to have sharing permission to which data?
    • How long will it take to move all of that data and which service windows are available for the migration?

Networks, Firewalls, and Cybersecurity

A breach of any company’s data can pose a potential problem because it could simply be deleted or worse, held for ransom. If the client has a responsibility to any sort of regulatory compliance standards, such as HIPAA, a breach carries with it some very painful and expensive requirements as well.


How do we help keep our clients secure?
It will be no surprise that some form of commercial-grade firewall appliance goes in place for the protection of the network in general, as well as having a top-rated anti-virus solution.

Our server deployments automatically utilize virtualization in order to put a layer of protection between the server environments and the underlying file system. We also incorporate hourly snapshots of the environments, with the optional ability for the client to replicate their entire environment offsite.

We always encourage our clients to be proactive and engage in some form of scheduled maintenance of critical infrastructure. This is especially important for servers, firewalls, and other critical equipment.

This ensures that at least some attention is being paid to these items on a regular basis, whether that means reviewing logs, making sure security updates and general software patches are applied, or updating the firmware.


Business Email Migration and Support

Often there are several steps to a successful migration which, if ignored, can cause substantial delays or lost data.

Having access to the registrar account, DNS account, as well as appropriate planning all play a very large role in how well a migration goes.

If done in the wrong way, email migrations can cause major problems. There can be blocks of time when inbound emails are returned to the sender, which never looks good. Or, worse, emails may disappear into the ether. The sender assumes the email was delivered and the recipient (our client) never sees the message.


Security Cameras and Smart Appliances

Security Cameras
Using our experience from the past decade+ of deploying camera systems, we can help plan the placement and appropriate selection of hardware needed in order to accomplish what the client wants.

We have relationships with several low-voltage electrical companies for the purpose of deploying the needed wiring infrastructure and can perform all of the mounting and configuration of the cameras and associated recording equipment.

Smart Appliances
IoT or “Internet of Things” is the new frontier in internet-connected appliances, such as internet-connected smoke detectors, thermostats, and even refrigerators.

The increasing number of manufacturers and expanding device types makes it difficult, if not impossible to stay up to date with the different firmware and/or security-related patches for these devices. That is, assuming the manufacturer is even making these things available and relatively easy to find.

Because of this, there are certain things many businesses aren’t doing as part of deploying these devices. Examples include mandatory password change and isolating devices on their own network. Our experienced team can help you deploy your smart appliances securely and correctly.

General IT Support

TRI is the place to go for all your IT needs, and what’s better is that we come to you! We’ve got the right people with the right experience to get the job done. Give us a call today and get us on your team. The help you need is only a click or a call away!