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Network Services & Firewalls

Networking and Security Solutions for Minneapolis Businesses

From the simple one-room office network to the complex multi-level network, we can with installing, configuring, and maintaining your network. Wired or wireless, firewalls, routers, modems, switches, VPN and cameras, we can do it all.

Having been in the field for over two decades, our team of diverse techs has a wide scope of knowledge and experience. We draw on each person’s expertise to cover your needs in a way that any single tech simply can’t do.


Network Configuration and Design

Wondering where all those wires run and how your data packets get from your keyboard to a server on the other side of the world? Your network is what keeps your business connected, both internally and to the outside world. To be successful, you need a network that’s fast, secure, and reliable.

In order to create a network that will properly serve the needs of its users, it’s important to take into consideration its requirements, such as bandwidth, redundancy requirements, expandability, etc.

The network of a small office will have different requirements than that of a video production studio, a restaurant, or a manufacturing facility.

Our VPN Process

First, we meet with you to hear your initial intentions for the network. From there, we leverage our years of experience and knowledge of current hardware trends to help build out a network that will meet your current needs, and allow for future growth. We’ll never go overkill with a more expensive, “one massive size fits all” approach.


Network Firewall Security

The firewall stands as the gatekeeper between the inner workings of the office network and the outside world.

It’s often in charge of assigning IP addresses to the devices within the network (DHCP), determining what traffic is allowed to come in or out of the network (Stateful packet inspection), as well as facilitating secure communications with trusted devices outside the network. (VPN Tunneling).

How We Help Businesses Implement Firewalls

Maybe you have a problem that needs to be resolved with your firewall, such as adding VPN Capability, or you’re adding a piece of hardware to your network that requires some firewall modifications in order to communicate with the outside world securely.

We can often schedule a time to come onsite and both examine and fix the problem in a single appointment. Sometimes, depending on the complexity of the issue, it may involve additional research in order to provide a workable solution.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

What is a VPN and Why do VPNs Matter?

VPN (Virtual Private Networking) is a technology used to create a trusted communications “channel” or “tunnel” between a device outside the general perimeter of the trusted office network.

Essentially, this creates a set of pre-configured credentials between the firewall and a trusted device so that it can communicate securely with the office network over the insecure networks of the world.

Like most tools, there are many ways in which businesses use VPNs. The most common way in which our clients use VPNs is secure remote access to the office network, which allows employees to work remotely. (telecommuting)

How We Help Businesses Implement VPNs

The complexity of deploying a VPN varies greatly between one model of firewall and another, so having 10+ years deploying firewall and VPN solutions helps significantly in not wasting time learning an unknown environment.

We can typically advise on whether the current hardware in place will be suitable by having the model number and doing a quick lookup. 


Get Help with Your VPN or Firewall Today

When it comes to networks and firewalls, your friends at Technical Reinforcements stand ready to help with fast and friendly service. We’ll work with you to tackle even the toughest network challenges. If you’re ready to get started with your network and firewall setup, make us a part of your team by calling or emailing today!