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Printer Repair

Losing the Battle with Your Printer? Call in the Technical Reinforcements

Possibly one of the simpler components of your home network, yet somehow printers manage to drive more people crazy than almost any other piece of technology in the house.

If you’re having trouble with an existing printer or are looking to add a new printer to your home wireless network, we are here to help make that important piece of the puzzle work with the rest of your machines, without getting itself thrown into the garbage bin.

Haven’t purchased the printer yet? Wonderful. There are considerations to make based on whether you’ll be printing from an ipad or iphone, whether you want laserjet or bubblejet, scanning capability, etc. not to mention the size of the space you have available, as the printers really do come in all shapes and sizes.

We’ll help you find the right thing the first time around, as opposed to providing the bad news once we arrive onsite, and possibly a return trip to the computer store for you.