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Rates & Hours

Simply Hourly Billing

Many computer service companies charge you set fees for specific tasks. This means that your costs can quickly escalate out of control for seemingly simple requests. We instead offer hourly billing. Regardless of what tasks you need performed, you pay for the time our tech actually spends helping you.

For most on-site work we have a one hour minimum bill instead of a large trip charge. This means that you don’t start paying until we’re actually onsite to help you.  Remote support is billed in 15 minute increments.

Hourly billing also means that you can have us come to you to fix a handful of small problems rather than one big one without having to worry about getting a huge bill for every little fix.


Emergency Response:

If you require assistance sooner than our regular 1-2 day response time, we offer emergency assistance at double your normal rate.  Generally, we are able to be on site within 1-2 hours of receiving an emergency call.


Technical Support Rates

Standard 8am-5pm onsite, M-F starts @ $150.00/hr

Weekend/Evening (5pm or later) rates @ $187.50/hr

Emergencies are double normal rate @ $300.00/hr


Trip Charge:

We have a variable trip charge based on the distance your location is from our St Louis Park PO box.  Any distance within 20 miles is free for non-emergency service.  Outside of that travel time is billed at $75/hour. We can map your address when you call in for an appointment if you would like to know where you stand exactly.