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COVID-19 Reponse

To all of our clients and friends, new and old.

We at Technical Reinforcements, like many others, have been keeping an eye on the evolving situation with COVID-19, making sure that we are doing what we can to minimize the threat to both our employees and our customers alike.  This has taken form in actions like using hand sanitizer before and after appointments, generally trying to be mindful of our surroundings, but we have nevertheless just reached another threshold.


This afternoon a peacetime state of emergency was declared for Minnesota, and this is something we are taking very seriously.  Effective 3/14/2020 we are going to cease scheduling onsite technical support calls with a few select exceptions on a case by case basis.  Given the nature of transmission of this virus, with it being highly contagious while the infected are not yet symptomatic, and the germ haven that is the computer work space, it simply puts our techs, and by extension every client they come in contact with, at too high a risk.


To be clear, we are still providing tech support and fixing a great many things via remote session, but there may be some things which will simply need to be delayed if they are not time sensitive, until the situation is better under control.


As you’ve no doubt heard from many officials at this point, it’s an evolving situation, and we’ll re-adjust as more information is known. You can expect emails will go out once are comfortable with resuming onsite appointments.


If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to call us @ 612-720-0233, or shoot us an email at info@reinforceme.com


Thank you,

James, Chris, Suzi, Brett, Clint & Adam

Posted By: Chris Foley  /  Dated: 03/14/2020

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