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Sextortion Emails With A Twist

There’s a new email scam in town, and it’s taking people for quite a bit of money. The scam asserts that it has captured video of the recipient watching porn using their computer’s web cam, and threatens to send that video, along with the video the recipient was supposedly watching, to everyone in the recipients contact list. The twist? They give the recipient a password that the recipient has used in the past. It might be the distant past, or recent past, or even a password that’s currently in use.

This new twist lends a scary amount of credibility to the scam. To that end, as Vice reports, the culprits have made off with over half a million dollars so far in this scam. We’ve already had a number of clients call in about this scam, and our advice is to not pay the extortion money. You can find the full text of one of these emails on Kerbs On Security’s site, but I will post a snippet below.

You don’t know me and you’re thinking why you received this e mail, right?

Well, I actually placed a malware on the porn website and guess what, you visited this web site to have fun (you know what I mean). While you were watching the video, your web browser acted as a RDP (Remote Desktop) and a keylogger which provided me access to your display screen and webcam. Right after that, my software gathered all your contacts from your Messenger, Facebook account, and email account.


The fact that they have a valid password is really the scariest part for most people. I would recommend that if the password they present to you is one that you currently use, change that password. If you are still concerned about an email you’ve received, or someone you know needs to be talked out of paying the extortion fee, please give us a call. Our clients’ information is always confidential, but we can discuss the similarities between the different instances of this that we have seen.

Posted By: Michael Bellerue  /  Dated: 08/28/2018

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