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TRI Newsletter – August 2020

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TRI Newsletter – Aug 2020


Technical Reinforcements is among those who worked from home during the Shelter in place order and for the most part we still are.  The office is open now for contactless drop off and pick up and we are doing remote support.  As long as you have an internet connection we can do a remote. In some instances we can do phone support when your internet is not available.  We are not doing onsite visits to homes yet.


While on the subject of Covid-19

I have been alerted to a number of people getting phone calls and emails about being exposed to Covid-19 and that they should be tested right away.

They then proceed to ask for billing address &  credit card information so they can send you the test.

This is the next version of the support scammer calls.  Please be leary of anyone calling and asking you to verify your address and bank or credit card information.  Don’t talk to them.

Scareware & Scams!

What is Scareware?  Scareware is a pop up that shows up while on the internet telling you, you’re infected.  You are not infected!  It is not until you take action with the popup that you get infected (by clicking or calling).

The first thing you should do is Shut Down your computer. Many of them tell you not to, but that is because the scareware is loaded into your RAM (temporary working space).  Once the computer shuts down that is cleared.  The first thing I will ask when called is did you shut down your computer.

Then there are the scams. The emails & phone calls you get from “Microsoft”, “HP”, “IRS”, or “Social Security Administration”.  These companies will NEVER call you. If they need your attention it will be a certified letter.  These calls are scammers trying to get access to your banking information.

Oh no! You have been hacked, now what?

Hang up, Delete the email, Shut Down the computer.

If shutting down didn’t solve the problem, we can usually walk you through resetting your browser over the phone.  If you clicked on/or called the number, Shut Down your computer and call us.  Most spyware can be cleaned off your computer in about an hour @ $125\hr.

Call your bank/CC company if you gave out that info and have the charges reversed  and account info changed.  Changing passwords is also a good thing to do, we can help with that if you need us to either with a remote or onsite $125\hr.

Antivirus Software

We get a lot of inquiries from our customers on what antivirus software they should use.  The answer is dependent on what you want to put it on. Windows computer, Mac computer, Phone or Tablet.  There is a Website https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/ that tests the protection, performance and usability of the top Antivirus programs.

We review this every few months, based on the results and the history of the different programs, we recommend programs to our customers.  If you have Windows 10 then we recommend using the built in Windows Defender. For other devices then we recommend Bitdefender or Avira.

 If you have any questions we are here to assist you, just give us a call.


The best way to reach us is by calling the mainline at 612-720-0233 or email at info@reinforceme.com.  Please do not text or contact the techs directly.  If they are on a call they will not answer your call, email or text until free. Calling 612-720-0233 is the fastest way to get an appointment or a question answered.

Thank you,

James, Chris, Clint, Brett, Adam & Suzi

Posted By: Chris Foley  /  Dated: 08/06/2020

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