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TRI Newsletter – July 2021

TRI Newsletter – July 2021

Welcome Back!

Technical Reinforcements is happy to say we are back to doing home visits after only performing repairs in office or via remote for so long.  The office is still open for drop offs and pickups and if that works for you.  We will also continue to provide remote support when it is the best choice for your situation.  As long as you have an internet connection we can do a remote which can often save you some money, and frequently get you an appointment sooner. If you would like to schedule an appointment just give us a call at 612-720-0233.

Mesh network for your home

Got a dead spot in your house or want to extend your wifi to the back deck or garage?  Many of us have those trouble areas in their home and want better coverage. That is where a Mesh network comes into play.  We want to have a solid network that everyone can use and enjoy.

There are 2 basic types of Mesh networks: wired or wireless.

Wired Mesh is the best quality and most reliable way to create a mesh network. The equipment used to create your network is hard wired to your internet device (modem).  The network jacks and cables are installed through the walls. This is not necessarily practical for an older home as it requires a low voltage electrician to come in and fish cables through your walls and add network jacks.

Wireless mesh is the next best thing and for most homes this is the best option.  You have a router that connects to the internet device(modem), which then connects to one or more satellite units. These devices transmit the signal throughout the home and they all work together to create a single continuous network throughout your home.  You may have heard about these already. Google Pods, Netgear Orbi & Xfinity x-Fi pods to name a few.

We can do an analysis of your current network and give you suggestions on how to improve or to install a mesh network in your home.


What is Scareware?  Scareware is a pop up that shows up while on the internet or in email telling you, you’re infected.  It is called Scareware because it does just that. Scares you into taking action. Stop!  You are probably not infected!  It is not until you take the action they want that you are in trouble and get infected (by clicking or calling). Just Shut Down!

Think of it like the telemarketing calls you get about your extended warranty on your car or Good News- Your credit card limit has been raised.  No, it’s not, they just want you to give them your info.  What do you do when you get those calls? Hang up!  Shutting Down your computer does the same thing.

The first thing I will ask when called is did you shut down your computer.  If shutting down didn’t solve the problem, we can schedule a remote to get you fixed up.

If you clicked on/or called the number, Shut Down your computer and call us.  Most spyware can be cleaned off your computer in about an hour or less @ $125\hr.

Call your bank/CC company if you gave out that info and have the charges reversed and account info changed.

Contact TRI

The best way to reach us is by calling the mainline at 612-720-0233 or email at info@reinforceme.com.  Please do not text or contact the techs directly.  If they are on a call they will not answer your call, email or text until free. Calling 612-720-0233 is always the fastest way to get an appointment or a question answered.

Thank you,

James, Chris, Clint, Brett, Adam & Suzi

Posted By: Chris Foley  /  Dated: 08/09/2021

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