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TRI Newsletter – March 2021

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TRI Newsletter – Mar 2021

Windows 10 AntiVirus Programs

We frequently get asked by our clients what we recommend for Antivirus software.  This is a field that is constantly shifting, with the programs that are most effective changing even as frequently as month to month.  In order to keep our clients safe, we do our best to stay on top of the various groups that regularly test and rate these programs.  The good news is that currently one of the top antivirus programs is built into every Windows 10 computer.  Windows Defender has very good ratings and uses very little of the resources on your computer.

If Windows Defender is not appropriate for you to use, for whatever reason, reach out to us, and we can provide some alternative options that might be a better fit in your specific case.


What is Scareware?  Scareware is a pop up that shows up while on the internet or in email telling you, you’re infected.  It is called Scareware because it does just that. Scares you into taking action. Stop!  You are probably not infected!  It is not until you take the action they want that you are in trouble and get infected (by clicking or calling). Just Shut Down!

Think of it like the telemarketing calls you get about your extended warranty on your car or Good News- Your credit card limit has been raised.  No, it’s not, they just want you to give them your info.  What do you do when you get those calls? Hang up!  Shutting Down your computer does the same thing.

The first thing I will ask when called is did you shut down your computer.  If shutting down didn’t solve the problem, we can schedule a remote to get you fixed up.

If you clicked on/or called the number, Shut Down your computer and call us.  Most spyware can be cleaned off your computer in about an hour or less @ $125\hr.

Call your bank/CC company if you gave out that info and have the charges reversed and account info changed.

Office Software Options

We get a lot of calls asking what office program you should have.  There are many factors to decide which one is right for you.   A lot of different applications exist:  Microsoft Office, Libre Office, Google Suite, or iWork Suite to name a few..  What device you are on will also factor into the programs that you use.

If you have a Gmail account or are on an Apple device you already have access to the docs and sheets apps.   If all you need to do is write a letter or create a spreadsheet any of the programs will work.  If you need a more robust program LibreOffice is a free program that will allow you to create, save & edit in the Microsoft format.

However, the most common Office suite out there is Microsoft Office.  There are different versions of this as well.  The first distinction you’ll need to make, is to decide whether you want to purchase your Office software, or to subscribe to one of Microsoft’s Office365 plans.  The best way to tell which version is right for you, is to start by deciding what programs you need.  Purchasing Office is very cost effective if all you need are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but if you need Outlook, Publisher or Access it gets much more expensive very quickly.  One other piece of information that often gets missed is that Office365 subscriptions generally allow for you to install to 5-6 computers with a single subscription.  For more information about Microsoft Office here is a link to the different versions. Microsoft Office

It’s also worth keeping in mind that all versions of Office can be purchased on Microsoft.com as they don’t come on disk anymore.  Even if you buy it from a store you are buying the product key and will still need to register your key with Microsoft and download the product from them.

Contact TRI

The best way to reach us is by calling the mainline at 612-720-0233 or email at info@reinforceme.com.  Please do not text or contact the techs directly.  If they are on a call they will not answer your call, email or text until free. Calling 612-720-0233 is always the fastest way to get an appointment or a question answered.

Thank you,

James, Chris, Clint, Brett, Adam & Suzi

Posted By: Chris Foley  /  Dated: 03/23/2021

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